GreenAchiever - Environmental Accreditation for your businesses

The Green Achiever scheme offers environmental accreditation to businesses that wish to boost their green credentials and reduce their environmental impact.

Think about it – what does your environmental policy look like? Do you know what your green objectives are for next year? Do your customers know that you source your energy from solar panels?

Environmental accreditation can help you to unlock the benefits of celebrating your green practices.

We offer three awards – Self-Assessed, Silver and Gold – which provide increasingly demanding frameworks to support you in:
  • Reducing your environmental impact.
  • Benefitting from cost savings through reduced energy, electricity and water bills.
  • Showing stakeholders, clients and customers that you are committed to environmental issues.
  • Making day to day, ground level operations greener.
  • Complying with complex environmental legislation.
  • Benefitting from PR and marketing opportunities.
  • Eventually achieving your ISO 14001.
  • Maintaining your ISO 14001.
For more information on each award, click on the logos below.


How Does It Work?

How does GreenAchiever work? Register now Perform a self assessment The Silver Green Achiever Scheme The Gold Green Achiever Scheme

Become a 'Green Achiever'

Everyone's talking about the Government's environmental policies and how our behaviour and neglect is leading to changes in the climate. The public is becoming increasingly vocal about what they expect from retailers, manufacturers and service providers. For example, demands for less packaging on products, more recyclable products and packaging, reduced carbon emissions and products that don't harm the environment.

But how many of those consumers know that most businesses are truly doing their bit by simply complying with current legislation? Well the answer is, very few and we think that you should have some recognition for that and shout about it - tell them what your environmental policy is!

With a little help and guidance from us, you, like other well known companies, can prove you are actively caring for our environment whilst conducting your business.

progress of the Green Achiever Award Scheme

Green Achiever Stage What Businesses Receive
for Each Stage of the Award Process

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1) Environmental Health Check of applicable legislation and suggested areas for action
2) Inclusion in public Business Directory
3) Monthly newsletters
4) Use of Green Achiever logo
5) Reduced rate access to E4e-manager
(250 + vat)

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All benefits from Registration
1) Review of in-depth self-assessment to produce star-rating and develop bespoke Environmental Declaration of Commitment to include recognition of current good practice and identification of areas for action for next 12 months.
2) Free access to E4e-manager on-line information bank
3) Higher level listing in public Business Directory
Silver Award
Less than 20 employees 500.00 + VAT

20 employees or more 750 + VAT

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All benefits from Registration and Self-Assessment
1) Full on-site environmental audit conducted by Principal Consultant. Establishes the legislative compliance and a baseline carbon footprint.
2) Provide detailed guidance for a 12 month action plan to reduce environmental impacts.
3) Support for Local trade press articles
4) Use of Silver Green Achiever logo
Gold Award
Less than 20 employees 500.00 (+VAT & Expenses)
20 employees or more
750.00 (+VAT & Expenses)

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All benefits from Registration, Self-Assessment and the Silver Award.
1) Full on-site environmental audit conducted by Principal Consultant. Review of progress in committed silver award actions. Establishes continued legislative compliance.
2) Re-calculates carbon footprint and looks for improvements.
3) Considers targets and actions for the next 12 months, including off-setting at least 25% of carbon emissions.
4) Use of Gold Green Achiever logo

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