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To make full use of Green Achiever and its ability to tell the world of your environmental achievements and aspirations you will need to progress to a Self Assessed or Silver status within three months of registration. This is to maintain the credibility and integrity of the scheme and that of our members.

If you are, or aspire to be, a Green Business with Green Credentials, why not show your customers, suppliers, shareholders and anyone that’s interested in your business, what you’re doing for the environment.

Everyone’s talking about the Government’s environmental policies and how our behaviour and neglect is leading to changes in the climate. The public is becoming increasingly vocal about what they expect from retailers and manufacturers. For example, less packaging on products, more recyclable products and packaging, and services and products that don't harm the environment.

But how many of those consumers know that most businesses are truly doing their bit by simply complying with current legislation? Well the answer is, very few and we think that you should have some recognition for that and shout about it - tell them what your environmental policy is!

The Green Achiever Scheme has been set up to enable companies to demonstrate their credentials to suppliers, customers and any other parties interested in green business.

With a little help and guidance from us, you, like other well known companies, can prove you are actively caring for our environment whilst conducting your business.

Green Achiever participatation options

There are two routes open to registered participants: perform a self assessment to provide the platform for further improvements and progression to Silver and Gold levels; or go from Registered to  Silver with a detailed on-site audit and bespoke action plan for the next 12 months.

We have outlined below what is expected, and what you get back in return.

Register NOW by completing the on-line (no obligation) application formAny business can register.

Registered Green Achiever

FREE to register - Open to all

What's Involved?

It's easy - Register NOW by completing the on-line (no obligation) application form. Once you have completed the on-line registration you will be sent your information pack, which will contain everything you need to get started. The health check will consider the activities you perform and inform you about the legislation that could affect you and put forward ideas of other ways to reduce your impact on the environment.

Then to start the ball rolling and let others know you are making a commitment to do something, write to your suppliers and let them know that you have signed up to become a green achiever and ask them about their Environmental Policy. To help you with this and at your request, we can supply a template letter, simply insert your company details and send out to your suppliers.

What Do You Get?
A FREE environmental health check to highlight the areas where you may need to comply with environmental legislation.

Use of the Green Achiever Logo to use on your website, products and Point of Sale materials. A link will be provided to download a logo to fit your site.

Registration on a public database to ensure that your customers and suppliers are aware of your environmental credentials.

A FREE monthly newsletter to keep you abreast of important environmental news.

Self Assessment Scheme

As a result of requests from our members, we can now offer you a way to self assess your environmental impacts and make a self declaration in the form of a company specific environmental statement.  This is available following registration.

Simply download the assessment questionnaire, send it back to us and we will produce your environmental statement.  This will display your logo and will be linked to your company name on our website, as well as being available to download and print for your own use.  For just 110.00 plus vat, there’s no easier way to effectively demonstrate your green credentials. Do it today.

Go to Self Assessment and follow the instructions.

Silver - Green Achiever

This award demonstrates a more positive response to the way you care for the environment. By achieving Silver level you can reassure your customers and other interested parties that you are aware of the impacts that you are having on the environment and demonstrate that you comply with relevant legislation.

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Gold - Green Achiever The natural progression from Silver, is to go for Gold – the most challenging and sought after award.
There are a few progressive steps that need to be taken that follow on from the Silver award.
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