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The simplest way to keep on top of the Environmental Issues affecting your business.
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On Target - June 2008


Self Assessment Green Achiever

You asked, we listened and now we can offer the service you wanted.
For registered members we now have the :-
Its simple - Contact Us and we will send you a Self Assessment form. Complete and return it to us and we will provide you with:
-   Your own environmental policy.
-   A web presence on the Green Achiever Site.
-   A Green Achiever - SA logo for all of your marketing material.
-   A Self Assessment Certificate to display to your customers
-   A discount subscription to E4e-manager
All that for a price that won't break the bank - 98.00 inc VAT

Give yourself the Green Marketing Edge

-   Use the Green Achiever Logo wherever you can.
-   Link your website to the Green Achiever Website
-   Promote Green Achiever to your suppliers

Advertise your green credentials!
Green Achiever is growing fast, so is the impact.
The Green Achiever Team