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Linesave UK Ltd is a fast growing Shropshire business. Founded by John Peters in 1999, Linesave is now a leading provider of high performance e-commerce and Content managed web sites to customers throughout the UK.

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May 2008


1st Silver Green Achiever

We are delighted to announce that Linesave UK is the first company to be awarded with the Silver Standard of the Green Achiever Scheme. Seen here receiving their certificate from Mandy Stoker.

The Shrewsbury based Web company Linesave UK Ltd has became part of the nationwide Green Achiever Scheme early this year and is the 1st company to achieve the Silver Achiever status.  This is part of Linesave's commitment to reduce their impact on the environment.

John Peters, Managing Director of Linesave UK Ltd, saw the Green Achiever Scheme as a simple way to show their customers they care for the environment.

"We are proud to be able to show that you can combine dynamic growth, technology and green credentials - and especially that we can make a carbon offset commitment so close to Shrewsbury.  The Green Achiever logo demonstrates, to both our customers and suppliers, that we take Green Issues seriously".

To achieve the Silver level of Green Achiever, a business needs to undergo a detailed environmental audit that checks compliance to environmental legislation and assesses the current status of the business with regard to issues such as energy efficiency, emissions to air and water, waste management, and environmental communication.  A carbon footprint exercise and an action plan to address the key environmental concerns identified during the audit are key outputs of the process.  The next step is to achieve these goals and move towards the Gold Standard of the scheme.

The Green Achiever award is rapidly becoming recognised as a way for companies to show customers they are actually becoming greener.

To find out more about Linesave UK's commitments click here for 'Participating companies' .

DB Construction has just become a 'Silver Green Achiever'!

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