Environmental Accreditation For Your Businesses

The Green Achiever scheme offers environmental accreditation to businesses that wish to boost their green credentials and reduce their environmental impact.

Think about it – what does your environmental policy look like? Do you know what your green objectives are for next year? Do your customers know that you source your energy from solar panels / use FSC paper / recycle your waste / have an eco office?

Environmental accreditation can help you to unlock the benefits of celebrating your green practices.

We offer four awards levels – RegisteredSelf-AssessedSilver and Gold – which provide increasingly demanding frameworks to support you in:

  • Reducing your environmental impact.
  • Benefitting from cost savings through reduced energy, electricity and water bills.
  • Showing stakeholders, clients and customers that you are committed to environmental issues.
  • Making day to day, ground level operations greener.
  • Complying with complex environmental legislation.
  • Benefitting from PR and marketing opportunities.
  • Eventually achieving your ISO 14001.
  • Maintaining your ISO 14001.

Our Diamond Banner Award is reserved for our Members who have shown improvements having been consistently made (no matter how small) for a period of 5 years or longer.


For more information on each award, click on the logos below: