About Us

About Us

The Green Achiever Scheme is run by E4 environment Ltd, an environmental consultancy with a passion for helping organisations operate sustainably. With more than 20 years experience in the environment industry, we have the expertise to support businesses that are striving to achieve credentials that they can easily demonstrate to their customers and suppliers.

Our objective is to look for ways to make a difference and assist companies in doing so.


Our History

The Green Achiever Scheme was founded in 2008 as part of E4 Environment Ltd, an established environmental consultancy based in Shropshire. It was developed to serve our customers’ needs.

With more than 10 years experience driving the scheme, plus lots of TLC, the Green Achiever Scheme has been nurtured into a successful nationwide service with more than 1,500 registered members.    

The primary aim of the scheme is to provide a simple and effective means of communicating a business’ commitment to reducing its environmental impact. Not only does our logo show that each business is making steps towards becoming greener, but the consumer can find exactly what that business is doing via our Green Business directory. This eliminates false green claims, acts as a great marketing device and can contribute to winning contracts. Yet, by far the best feature of Green Achiever accreditation is that it has been designed to roll with the times – we keep businesses up to date with changes in legislation so all Green Achievers stay compliant.

Now, at its 10 year anniversary, we have accumulated a vast number of Green Achieving businesses spanning a diverse range of industries. Several success stories have emerged too, with loyal members progressing through the levels of accreditation to reap the benefits. Our Green Business Directory has also gained impetus with hundreds of hits each month reflecting the growing importance of environmentally friendly business.


Why Green Achiever?

  • We are run by trained members of IEMA and CIWM and backed by E4 Environment Ltd – an environmental consultancy with 100 years of expertise.
  • We are operations based. Many other accreditation schemes focus on management systems whereas Green Achiever works to improve day-to-day operations on the ground.
  • We are a no frills, friendly service. At Green Achiever we never punish businesses for not reaching the goals we set in their action plan. All we ask is for some progress in the right direction.
  • We are serious about the credibility of our scheme. As such, you can trust that all Green Achiever members are undertaking evidenced activities to reduce their environmental impact.
  • We provide lots of tips and advice on how to integrate sustainability into your business.