Self Assessment

What you get:

  • A bespoke star-rated Declaration of Environmental Commitment.

What is this?
A Declaration of Environmental Commitment is essentially an environmental policy with a focus on what you are doing now and what your aims are for next year. This shows that you are continuously reviewing your green side. Examples of this document can be found for any Self-Assessed company in our Green Business Directory.

  • A Self-Assessed certificate valid for a year to display online and on-site.
  • Use of a star-rated Self-Assessed logo.
  • A years’ listing on our Green Business Directory.
  • The opportunity to feature in Green Achiever Tweets and on our blog – if our Green Achiever members have a story, we can share it with our 1,000 + Twitter.

What are the main benefits of this accreditation?

  • It’s put together by professionals.

Your bespoke Declaration of Environmental Commitment is developed by environmental experts and tailored specifically to showcase your company's good environmental practices and ambitions. 

  • It can win you contracts.

A business with environmental accreditation has an edge on competition. Many industries (cleaning, construction, engineering, etc) are demanding evidence throughout their supply-chains of responsible environmental performnace and action.  A Green Achiever Self-Assessment accreditation covers this.

  • You can set out your Green Goals.

An environmental policy is great for getting staff and stakeholders on board and ‘in the know’ concerning your future green aspirations. It can feature in your business plan in employee induction processes and on your website.

How does it work?

The Self-Assessment accreditation process is simple to complete. We have designed the questionnaire to enable you to tell us of your current environmental activities and also to prompt you in considering actions you could take in the future to reduce your company environmental impact.

From your answers we produce a star-rating of your current actions compared with what it is feasible for you to be doing. 

We compile a Declaration of Environmental Commitment and create a certificate to reflect your star rating which is then sent to you - both a soft copy for your website and a hard copy for display on-site (printed on recycled card of course)! The following year, we compare your answers to the previous year’s answers to see the areas in which you have made progress and achieved your aims.

    Self Assessed

£250.00 + VAT

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