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We’ve been Green Achievers for a number of years. We like the focus on practical measures which can be taken, and the fact that our compliance is audited gives our clients comfort that we really are committed to doing what we can.

Rowland Waddington, Operations Manager


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Being part of this scheme in the last 9 years has been the greatest thing we have been associated with, our waste management has been second to none and we would like to encourage other shopping centres to join this scheme.

Kelvin Nwadiaro, Centre Manager


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Attaining the Green Achiever membership has allowed Sherringtons Waste Management Limited to formally showcase ourselves as being environmentally conscious with a focus to continually improve our responsibilities in this area, the accreditation allowing us to engage and achieve relationships with a greater range of customers and suppliers.

June Harrison - Managing Director

June 2019


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We've retained our membership because we want to remind our users that the choices they make as consumers matter and impact the world we live in.

Alex Alexiev, June 2019