Why Be Accredited


Why Be Accredited?

Customer Demand –customers and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding environmental responsibility from their suppliers of both goods and services. The Green Achiever award distinguishes businesses from the competition by making a clear statement of their environmental commitment and performance.

To Comply with Environmental Legislation – all organisations are required to comply with a range of environmental legislation. Green Achiever membership supports business to understand which legislation applies and how the obligations can be met. Regular updates keep Members informed of regulatory changes.

To Reduce Costs – reducing energy consumption, fuel usage, use of resources etc will all reduce organisational costs plus will have clear environmental benefits. The Green Achiever membership helps its members to identify areas where savings could be made.

Which Award?

Green Achiever? ISO14001? BS8555? The key question organisations need to ask is “What do we want to achieve through an accreditation?”

The Green Achiever Award reviews and accredits an organisation’s environmental practices and performance. ISO 14001 and BS8555 review and accredit the environmental system and performance.

While the Green Achiever Awards stand independently, the Silver and Gold audits and reports can also complement ISO14001 or BS8555 accreditation because of their different emphases. Further, the audit process can be used as a simple and affordable route towards achieving these accreditations as our auditors will provide guidance on the requirements of these standards. This allows our members achieve a practical environmental accreditation while working on getting the systems and procedures up to scratch.


At costs of between £250 – £750 (+VAT & expenses) Green Achiever accreditation is more affordable than either ISO14001 or BS8555 and is ideal for organisations looking to accredit their environmental performance at an affordable price.

For more information contact Deb Cairns at deb@e4environment.co.uk or 01743 343403.



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